A Donut Wall is a fun addition to any party or wedding celebration and looks particularly effective with the varying colours of donuts popping out like a painting. This furniture item not only functions as a place to put your delicious donuts for dessert but also looks fantastic as a decorative piece. The donut wall is a trending feature at weddings this season and looks great in the backdrop of a wedding reception. It’s a modern take on a wedding dessert table.

This custom-made wall was put together by our team at Swans Lane Event Hire who have used natural coloured plywood to create the wall. We have partly painted the wall white, as a lovely contrast to the ochre tones of the wood. These colour tie in nicely with the tones of the donuts. Many of our clients also love this bespoke piece for its cute pun in the centre of the wall.  The wall holds 82 donuts.

The wall can be placed at any indoor and outdoor venue and matches perfectly with our rustic table with green legs, decorated with flowers or other greenery in one corner. This is the ultimate party decoration and allows guests to come and go as they please from the dessert wall. It is 1.5 metres in width and 1 metre in height, making for a decent amount of room for an abundance of donuts. 

Get in touch today to hire this piece and for more styling ideas on how to decorate the Donut Wall, visit our social pages.

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