Gramophone Small Horn

Decorative Touches

This antique Gramophone Horn is a priceless piece that ties in perfectly with a vintage-inspired event. Our Horn is not only a charming decorative item but also a functioning record player. Many clients have chosen to use this piece at their weddings and other events for its practical use and beautiful handmade timber. The Gramophone will take guests back in time to a Speakeasy 1920s style party, filled with Champagne, jazz records and swing dancing. The atmosphere will be electric.

Our Gramophone with the small horn was sourced from an old vintage store by the team at Swans Lane Event Hire. We instantly admired the intricate detailing of the timber horn and could not resist its rustic charm. This is a one-of-a-kind piece that could sit anywhere in the event space. Whether it be outside, underneath a beautiful tree on a small table, or inside next to a rustic fireplace. This item is a great statement piece.

The wedding Gramophone is a popular item that looks great in a reception area while guests are having drinks. We also see the Gramophone with Small Horn placed on your gifts table, or a table next to one of our ornate French Chaises. The golden colour will truly shine, especially when paired with our Gold Pendant and Brass Candelabras. This will accentuate the rustic style of the décor.

For more styling ideas and inspiration on how to use this piece, please get in touch or follow us on our social pages.

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Product Details

420 mm
600 mm
Timber; Iron

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