Our Macrame Wall Hanging is a unique item that will add a lovely touch to your bohemian style wedding. This is a beautiful decorative piece that looks fantastic at any outdoor or indoor wedding. Many couples have used the Macrame Wall as a wedding arbour that hangs from our timber frame. It is a stunning backdrop for the bride-and-groom to stand in front of as they say their vows and is an iconic look at our beach weddings.

This piece is made using rope, handmade by a local artist in Sunbury who has delicately woven the material using knots and created a decorative pattern that is breathtakingly beautiful. Our white Macrame Wall Hanging matches perfectly with the Bride’s white dress, particularly if it is detailed with lace. It is an essential bohemian wedding accessory.

Whether you have an indoor, outdoor or beach ceremony this will be the perfect backdrop. Our Macrame Wall Hanging can also be used as a backdrop behind a buffet or bridal table. A lovely touch is to add flowers to the piece, which truly lifts it and makes a statement that your guests will love.

The Macrame Wall can be hung from our timber arbour and rustic logs, paired with candles, feathers and native plants, placed in front of a bush setting to the ultimate boho, rustic wedding ceremony.

For more styling ideas and inspiration on how to use this piece, please get in touch or follow us on our Pinterest and Instagram page.

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1500 mm
1800 mm

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