Moroccan Rug Cream with black detailing

Soft Furnishings

The Moroccan white rug with black detailing is one of our favourite pieces with its minimalist pattern and monochrome colour scheme. This piece would look fantastic in any bohemian-style venue and matches perfectly with a range of our other furnishings and decorative items.

Some of our pieces, which we suggest to pair with the rug, include our JuJu hat, Macrame wall hanging and our Moroccan pouf. The piece also matches perfectly with our tepee arch for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

We love the rug assembled with a few of the other rugs at an outdoor wedding, or any outside event, matched with our rustic wooden trestle tables and walnut bentwood chairs. For a romantic feel, place many candles and votives along the table, underneath our wooden table riser.

This style of rug looks great in a marquee where you can set up a lounging-type area where guests can reside. Or at an outdoor or indoor event including a long lunch or dinner party for friends and family, underneath hanging fairy lights or festoon lights for a whimsical feel.

Our Moroccan Rug with white and black detailing was sourced locally by the Swans Lane Event Hire team along with our other Moroccan rugs for hire.

We would love to help you style this piece and find suitable decorative features to match with our Moroccan rug. Give us a call or send us an email. We also welcome you to look through our social pages, for more styling ideas.

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