Silver & Timber Hurricane Candle Holders


These classic candle holders are the perfect addition to a vintage-inspired event, and will add ambient, mood lighting to the décor. Many clients looking for a unique style of candleholders for their wedding reception tables or outdoor venue have been attracted to these antique Hurricane Candle Holders. They are not only practical but are also a fantastic decorative item that will suit the rustic, boho-themed event.

Made from timber, silver and glass, these Hurricane Candle Holders have been sourced from a vintage store by the team at Swans Lane Event Hire, making them a one-of-a-kind item. The natural wooden base and silver stem gently complement each other and with the opaque white washed glass, the holders retain a vintage aesthetic.

We recommend placing the Silver & Timber Hurricane Candle Holders along a table at the wedding reception, upon our Rustic Fruit Crates outdoors in the garden, or our Rustic Mantle Piece for your wedding ceremony. They look stunning on the bridal table, underneath our elegant Chandelier and gold pendants. They light the way on a dark night and with the flicker of the candles, this piece will enhance the romantic feel of the venue.

For more styling ideas and inspiration on how to use this piece, please get in touch or follow us on our social pages, Pintrest and Instagram. We would love to help you style the Silver & Timber Hurricane Candle Holder and can recommend other decorative, vintage-style pieces to match with this item. 

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Product Details

150 mm
375 mm
Timber; Glass; Silver

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