Suitcase Brown

Decorative Touches

This gorgeous brown suitcase is an exceptional piece. We like to think of it as the more ‘up market’ of the suitcase collection, due to its smooth dark-stained leather, bronze buckles and impeccable condition (even after all these years). This piece will complement any vintage-style event and match seamlessly with a variety of our decorative and furniture pieces for hire.

The brown suitcase was sourced by the Swans Lane Event Hire team who found this piece tucked away in a Victorian vintage store. The suitcase can be used in a variety of ways, whether stacked with the other suitcases including our grey case with red trim and small blue case or simply left as a standalone piece, matched with one of our Gramophones.

Many of our clients have fallen in love with its vintage 19th – 20th century style and have found a range of decorative and furniture pieces to match it. This rustic antique case looks fantastic with our timber furnishings and brass ornaments. You can place it in the garden under a tree, next to one of our French chaises and paired with some vases and flowers or in a marquee next to our antique rugs. The options are endless.

For more styling ideas or to find out about our collection, please give us a call or send us an email. We would love to help you design and get ready for your special day.

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