Suitcase Large Cream

Decorative Touches

Old vintage suitcases are a common decorative item seen at weddings this season. Our cream suitcase, in particular, is a popular piece among clients, with many admiring its aged look and rustic charm. The cream ties in beautifully with the traditional white colours of the wedding, especially when paired with votives and flowers. This suitcase will tie in with those events striving for a boho, vintage look.

We sourced this piece along with our other suitcases, from vintage stores, making them a unique collector’s item. As a piece, it will give your space that added hint of retro chic especially when paired with our other decorative touches including the Gramophone with large or small horn, our Silver and Timber Hurricane Candle Holders. This cream suitcase and our other suitcases are the perfect way to accessorise your room while also being a convenient piece as a repurposed table for guests to prop their glasses or you to lay vases with flowers.

This large cream suitcase can either be assembled with our other rustic suitcases or simply be left on its own. It looks fantastic in both indoor and outdoor settings, underneath a tree, next to one of our French Chaises or inside a beautiful old barn. The dark stained leather edges and metal buckles will tie in well with our other furniture items, including our Rustic Timber Bar, our Queen Anne Timber Dressers and Rustic Timber Table with Green Legs.

For more styling ideas on how to use this piece, please get in touch.

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