Tealight Candle Holders - Silver


Tealight Candle Holders are the perfect way to gently brighten up your event space. With the small flicker of light, your reception or ceremony area will transform into a whimsical and romantic setting. The silver and gold detailing of these tealight candle holders gives these holders a lovely tint and looks beautiful at a night time event, set across the tables with other silver and gold decorative glassware.

This style of candle holder is a lovely way to give your reception tables a faint glimmer of light, which helps give the setting its ambient lighting. You can line these tealight candle holders down the length of the tables, across the bar, or place them throughout the garden, under the trees. These candle holders can be placed in variety of locations and with a range of different decoration or furniture pieces.

We have sourced these candle holders locally and like our other tealight candles, we often received requests to use them. The combination of silver and gold colouring also creates a nice warm gentle glow. These candle holders come with tealight candles, but you can also opt in for battery operated tealight candles instead. Our tealight candles with silver and gold colouring, match with many of our other decorative features including vintage glass bottles and variety of vases. The options are endless for how to arrange these pieces together in your event space.

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