Three Tier Rustic Metal Cake Stand

Decorative Touches

This ornate piece is a beautiful addition to the vintage-inspired wedding. The intricate detailing of the metal on each tier of the stand make this an elegant piece. It will look stunning matched with a delicately-frosted wedding cake or cupcakes. The Three Tier Rustic Metal Cake Stand is a popular item hired by our clients. Each couple have decorated the stand in new and beautiful ways that truly make the piece shine.

The Three Tier Rustic Metal Cake stand was personally sourced by our team from a vintage store in Victoria. The style of the piece is reminiscent of the Victorian era, where the traditions of the white wedding originated. The white pole that supportively holds each tier, looks fantastic against other white furnishings and plays on the theme of a traditional wedding. The top handle and pole can be removed so that a cake can be placed on the top tier, with other dessert items placed below, including cupcakes and donuts.

Our unique wedding cake stand looks perfect both indoor and outdoor, especially when styled with flowers and greenery. The stand looks elegant against a blue stone wall, playing on the 19th century aesthetic. It can be placed on one of our Queen Anne White pieces, such as the White Side Table Gertie, in the garden under a big oak tree with one of our French Chaises.

For more styling ideas and inspiration on how to use this piece, please get in touch or follow us on our social pages.

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Product Details

440 mm
460 mm

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