Delivery and Setup

Q: What do you charge for delivery?

We will provide a custom delivery quote based on location and items rented.  To give you an better idea of how we price our deliveries we take the following things in to consideration:

  • We usually need 2 staff members to load the truck, most orders take up to 1-2hours to pack, fuel and truck expenses
  • We travel anywhere between 1 - 3hours to your location
  • Arrive and unload your order can take up to 2hours
  • Travel back to our warehouse from your location anywhere between 1 - 3hrs
  • And then returning to collect hired items everything mention above reoccurs.

We do our very best to try and make your delivery and pickup fee affordable and certainly don't use delivery charges to make a profit. Our normal delivery/pick-up times are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. We can also provide after hours or late night pick-up, if needed, for an additional charge. Contact us with your preferred delivery dates and times and we'll be happy to give you an estimate for your delivery!

Q: How far will you travel?

We will provide services to clients within 3 hour driving distance from Geelong. Ballarat, Wallan, Daylesford, Macedon, Gisborne, Werribee, Lancefield, Melbourne are among our regular delivery routes. We do make exceptions depending on the order request. 

Q: If I don't want delivery, can I pick-up the items myself?

Sure, depending on your decor order and vehicle of transport, we will absolutely consider a pick-up order from us. 

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