Coffee Table Black


Add a touch of modern elegance to your event with our sleek and stylish black coffee tables. Their minimalist design complements any décor, making them the perfect addition to any gathering.

  • Features:

    • High-quality black finish
    • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Benefits:

    • Adds a touch of sophistication to any event
    • Provides a convenient surface for guests to place drinks, snacks, and other items
    • Can be used to create a focal point in your event space
    • Versatile and can be used in a variety of settings
  • Ideal for:

    • Weddings
    • Corporate events
    • Private parties
    • Trade shows
    • Product launches

Hire our black coffee tables today and create a stylish and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

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Product Details

440 mm
1060 mm
450 mm
Metal and wood

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