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There is nothing quite like a great game of Connect Four to keep a group entertained. A common theme at weddings and events is for a few immersive games to be set up for people to engage in. Whether it be the wedding, recovery day, engagement party or Christmas break up, this lawn game will be sure to keep your guests entertained.

Our handcrafted Connect Four is made from natural, premium timbre, resized to giant proportions being 930mm in height and 300mm in width. The set features 42 giant, bright red and orange playing coins. This is a priceless piece and vintage in style - reminiscent of a past time. Players can take turns to drop the coins into the top of the frame, the winner being the first player to connect four coins in a row. This makes for an entertaining game and is fun for all ages.

The game can be placed outdoors in the garden or next to or inside an open marquee. Our Lawn Game - Connect 4 adds rustic charm to any event, especially when placed alongside wine barrels or a game of Bocce. People will be drawn to this fun, interactive outdoor game, a great activity for guests to enjoy and is perfect for summer occasions spent outside.

For more styling ideas on where to place this Lawn Game, please get in touch or follow us on our Pinterest page. As a boutique event hire company, we have some great ideas on how to decorate you special event.

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300 mm
1230 mm
930 mm

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